Peace Tribe....

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Our JOurneY ~

If you have heard stories about people who meet and feel like they have known one another forever, then you know exactly the nature of Kirti and Shophar's relating.  They first crossed paths in 2016 at Stage 7 Dance Studios in San Diego, CA.  Kirti was preparing to teach the next class titled Indo-Afro Fusion and Shophar was exiting the epic Afro-Cuban dance class taught in SD by legendary Juan Carlos Blanco with a group of his clients that he had gathered to maintain the flow they would activate in Tantric Energy work sessions.

Shophar paused at their eyes meeting and waited to catch a moment to connect with Kirti more. Kirti noticed his anticipation and quickly assessed and intuited the depth of Shophar. Being in relationships, always, Kirti quickly averted her attention to another conversation as to not give Shophar the 'wrong idea.'  She was 'taken' after all and considered herself to be loyal and committed.  Shophar felt this energetic exchange and promised himself to go back to that studio at a later date and see if there would be a different outcome.

Not until almost 2 years later, when Kirti saw a photo of Shophar pop up on her social media feed because of similar friends, did the Universe really handle this gorgeous union.  Shophar was dressed as Jimi Hendrix in the photo, one of Kirti's musical idols and geniuses. She recalls how much he looked like Jimi, " I couldn't help but think this guy must have some sort of wild side, he embodied him so well!"  She left a comment on his photo and he quickly remembered that it was the same woman from the yoga studio two years prior. Shophar quickly sent Kirti a direct message explaining that he saw her two years prior and regretted not making an introduction earlier.  She was filled with the familiar feeling of remembering him, his face and his energetic presence. She replied, "it is never too late, brother." The rest is truly history.

Kirti will tell you that Shophar is responsible for breaking her out of her Indian closet by holding the space for the deep repression that she experienced as a first generational South Asian women.  Never speaking the word Tantra in her home, as it has been distorted to mean sexual voyeurism even among Indians, Kirti was very confused as a classical Indian Odissi dancer who was experiencing all kind of Tantric outcomes from her disciplined practice.  She lived her Tantric path through creativity as a dancer, then poet and emcee, an artist, as an actor and then as a percussionist and musical collaborator. She found solace and healing in the arts; so much that she got her second Masters Degree in Arts Education: Curriculum and Instruction through the Arts.  She moved on to be an educational consultant, a principal as well as mentor for teachers and parents.  She was liberated from the educational system in 2019 and with Shophar's influence, guidance and mentorship has become an empowered Tantric Energy Healer as well as Love Coach for Women and Partnerships.

Shophar's journey with Kirti can be expressed as evolutionary. 


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