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from seed to fruit

raw, ripened and juiced.

creativity flows

when makin somethin of nothin

lovin yourself when you get no lovin

I am first and foremost born to this planet as a human being navigating existence.  In this lifetime, I was born into a South Asian female bodied first generation American Woman. I am a daughter, I am a sister and I am a woman as well as a woman of color born and raised in America.  I found my identity when I learned what it felt like to not belong.  In my home, there were areas of my life where being born an American girl didn't feel right and outside of my home there were parts of life where it felt wrong to be a South Asian brown woman.​

Navigating the many masks led me through the twisted rocky roads causing scuffs, cuts and bruises.  Some falls even left scars. Ultimately I was destined to live the life experiences I did in order to gain the tools, understanding and intuitive force to SELF HEAL, THRIVE and LOVE MYSELF TRULY through the waves and turbulent moments. Through my own exploration with the arts, spirituality and healing I healed myself through various twists and turns such as:

  • Paralysis from surfing accident

  • Near Death Experience in car accident

  • Shingles, Ulcers and Eczema under age 21

  • Kidney Stones, Arthritis and Adrenal Fatigue

  • Ovarian Cancer threat and treatment

  • Emotional trauma due to abusive, controlling and codependent relationships

  • Emotional stress due to cultural pressure

  • Suicidal friends and family members

While navigating the above list of contributors, guides and life teachers, I didn't stop to think WHY? I understood that I did what I did for a reason. But I didn't know WHY I WAS PLACED ON THIS PLANET.  I didn't feel used to my fullest potential.  This started to show up in all areas of my life.  I have had a beautiful and successful life when it comes to my resume and life on paper, but once I started to hone in on the emotion of trapped dissatisfaction and a spiritual awakening-- my Source Divine only did what she knew how to do. DIG INTO ME. FULLY. HOLD UP MIRROR AFTER MIRROR. UNRESERVEDLY. WILDLY. OVER AND OVER. BURNING FOUNDATIONS & BELIEF SYSTEMS. FEELING OF LOSS AND GRIEF OVER AND OVER until I realized I have no job but be witness and feel-- DO NOTHING. Divine guides when we listen. 


The stuff that makes me the healer (healing my own wounds), teacher and performer that I am today -- is mostly learned from the list above. Holding myself through pain and illness, listening to my spirit in the midst of abuse and moving from my heart when I didn't belong has given me the most abundant life yet.  I journeyed the last 20 years through education successfully-- from student to teacher to school leader and learned a lot about maintaining health and sanity while navigating self and community transformation.  The MOST IMPORTANT lesson I feel is that first Divine whispers, knocks,  then yells, bangs and finally tears down reality in pure honor and love for your metamorphosis, your transformation, your breakthrough to be what you are called to be. 


I am excited to introduce who I am in this moment. A collection of all the moments leading up to this very second. I acknowledge and accept all parts of me as they make me who I am. I am the medicine in the midst of my poison; I am the shadow that dances with light. I am so honored and so happy to be fully expressed and among people like you who care. Thank you. Namaste.


So here is my Bio... for now...

Kirti Srivastava  uses creativity and spirituality to ignite access to source divine. A dancer, yogi and an educator for over 20 years— she looks to connect our human existence to our spiritual calling. As a first generation American, Kirti has weaved constructs around race and identity with her spiritual work as well resulting in deep conversations around cultural appropriation, the role of patriarchy and the responsibility of human beings on this planet.


She currently works to promote peace through self love as a personal trainer integrating mindful fitness, a yoga philosophy teacher, an educational consultant bringing arts and spirit in to school culture, and as a movement medicine practitioner who facilitates individual and group energy healing practices through breath, sound and movement.


While she works hard to reverse the effects of ineffective schooling, Kirti has successfully navigated the matrix with the following pieces of paper:

-MS Education (teacher for 20 years)

-MA Curriculum and Instruction using Arts Integration (Arts Integration consultant for 8 years)

-Administrative Credential in Charter and Public Schools (Instructional Coach, Associate Principal and Principal for 6 years)

-ERYT 500 Yoga Alliance (Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainer, Children’s Yoga Teacher Trainer)


She speaks her ancestral lineage, dances her being through this existence and loves others through her personal growth and healing

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