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MovementMedicine™: Dance in Nature

Practice Moving / Creating in Nature with Tribe~Bring instruments if you feel. Featured Instructors

  • 2 hours
  • 25 US dollars

What we Create...

From a place of honoring the Wild Nature in us all, we will ReWild our conditioned movements to ReMember who are at Source. From this understanding we can ReCreate who we desire to be in every mOment. Through our three foundational practices in Breath, Movement and Vibration, we develop the intimate relationship with ourSelves, each other and the Collective energy of this planet. Be prepared to meet yourSelf on Younique levels and to rePairent the inner child that desires more play and creativity in life! This weekly playshop includes Natural Movements inspired by Nature, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Kriya, Kali Sadhana, Shadow Movement and Processing, Pranayama (Breath Work) and Tribe. Class includes barefoot movement on a lawn. You can wear shoes if you feel more comfortable. Please bring yoga mat, water, journal and an open mind. Feel free to bring any items to add to the altar to get charged or honored. Also wear fabrics that flow and colors that mimic the elements of nature you wish to call in! Face Masks are not required to attend this outdoor gathering. We will meet at Morley Field. Enter the park at the last entrance (park should be on your right). This is Jacaranda. You will see us in one of the 3 large lawns around Jacaranda. Don't stress! You will find us, listen for music and look for the drums and altar....Please text 858-568-3343 for guidance if you are lost! We can drop a pin! Sundays 9-11 am... SEE YOU IN NATURE.

Time to Show Up, Blow Up n Glow Up

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