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Purnima: FullMoonRites

Online and Live Ritual Options

  • 36 US dollars

What we Create...

The Moon is the ultimate calendar of Nature and its cycles. We will be practicing moving energy through our bodies and its phases in order to facilitate healing and an awakening of our senses. Expect to practice and learn Tantric Sanskrit Mantras, MovementMedicine to unlock and open the Way as well as Sound Vibration and Reflection practices to Wake Up and remember who you ARE. You will be practicing from the comfort of your home or we will meet outdoors at a the bay in SanDiego. We will actively be doing Sacred Space building by integrating the 5 elements. We will be clearing what is stagnant and lingering and focus energies towards building what is recharging and helping you to remember your potential and gifts on this planet! Learning to Ritualize the moment by leaning into our own phases, feelings and emotions is a huge part of Movement Medicine and when we can do this for ourselves and then share with the community-- POWERFUL SHIFTS OCCUR. The time is NOW. The moment is FULL. When we are Present. Time can be a Present. Learning that the ultimate time keeper is Nature and its phases allows us insight into the Sacred code of the Universe. We will meet the day before Full Moon All registered participants will receive video links of the Witchual (link is available for 90 days) !

Time to Show Up, Blow Up n Glow Up

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