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Peace Family,

We are Kirti and Shophar. We come together to share a beautiful offering. From our work together over the years, we have seen a pattern; most humans are not practicing Orgasmic Living nor are having healing Orgasms whether it be by themselves or with partner/s.

Yes! we mean physical, toe curling juicy and transcendent orgasms! Western and Eastern Medicine will agree that with the release of tension comes the reduction of stress. With the reduction of stress comes health, vitality and immunity. Orgasm is defined as the release of tension.  Why not maintain health, vitality and immunity in a Pleasurable way? We have been raised in a Western influenced and patriarchal culture that has led us to believe that sensuality, sexuality and pleasure are taboo when in reality it is HOW EACH OF US ARRIVED ON THIS PLANET??!!

Why are we denying the very act that led to our existence? This denial of pleasure is what we believe leads to war, corporate capitalism, rape culture and deep wounding that affects generations.

Why not master Orgasmic Living and live a stress - free life that will not only heal you but will propel you forward in your Purpose in Life?


Wait -- live a stress-free life AND experience Pleasure?



Kirti and Shophar have a system that they have seen work repeatedly with individuals and couples that allows for deep processing, communication and love making in order to heal ourselves, loved ones and our communities so that WE are EACH individually LIVING a COLLECTIVELY Conscious Life!

Whether your partnership is healing from lack of trust, fear of intimacy, porn influenced sexuality (porn brain) or lack of purpose and passion, we can safely promise breakthroughs in all of these areas of your relationship because we ultimately believe in YOU and Your Purpose and Passion. We will guide and support YOU as we facilitate your expression and embodiment of Your Purpose and Passion. When You are aligned, You ignite the energy around you to align and this includes all of the closest people in your life including your partner.

YES TO THAT!! We have yet to meet anyone who says, " I would not like to feel pleasure while I heal." 

EVOLVE LOVE is a collection of our flagship courses that we have compiled here for you! It is comprised of 8 Modules that will take you from Tantric Communication all the way to Tantric Lovemaking and Tantric Healing.  Life is meant to be ENJOYED with Ease and Grace.  Step in and Show Up for You.

Book Your Free Discovery Call .  We will take about 30 minutes - 1 hour to listen to what you are ready to transform. We want to hear your needs and desires; reach out to us and show up for Yourself. We are here to support YOU; are you ready to RECEIVE?