Chakra Hypno Therapy
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From a lens of love, honor and support, we seek to understand the depths of emotional effects on the mind and ultimately the body through deep physical, mental and emotional exercises that tap into the essence of the Chakras.  The Chakras are a popular energy management method with its roots in India, to activate the deeper levels of our awareness, thoughts, actions and habits of thinking.


With movement, we create heat in order to inspire physical change.  With an intention and awareness to our shadows we create a possibility of healing, deeper understanding and empathy.

With a focus on non-performative movement and a commitment to honor your healing process whether it be physical or emotional, each physical act becomes an opportunity to be more aware of who you are and what is holding you back as well as propelling you forward concerning your purpose.

By understanding the depth of the relationship we have with our selves through deep Mirror and Shadow Work, we can begin to remember who we are and how to continue to evolve. Mirror and Shadow Work are tools to help individuals become witness to their own life and its many stories. Here we learn how to find the gift of the wound.  By giving attention to the Shadow we are acknowledging that the light exists as well.