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Personal Development

Learning how to be the truest expression of ourSELVES takes practice, tribe and at times it also helps to have a guide, mentor and teacher to help remind us that we are truly D.O.P.E!  It helps to have someone to help hold space for us while we figure out who we truly are and to also have someone hold us accountable for staying true to who we truly are! Support is REAL and it requires for all who are involved to really STEP IN and SHOW UP!

Whatever unique combination of Feminine and Masculine Expression you are, by tuning into IT, you WILL find your D.O.P.E.ness!  Being D.O.P.E means that you are the illest and the realist and there is no need to be 'high' from an external substance to feel what you are feeling and putting out into the multiverse.



All of the DilSe Culture's offerings come from personal experience and over two decades of work as a teacher, consultant and performer.  Whether you are an individual learning to love yourSELF and unlock your POTENTial or if you are in relationship working to step into the PowerHouse status that you and your partner know to be TRUE,  you can TRUST that every single offering is geared to support your personal healing FIRST and then we work on your Relationships with others.

We will explore the idea that Purpose and Passion can also be the same while we learn how to balance their dynamic. What would a life balanced with Purpose and Passion look like for you?

Just like the traditional Chinese symbol of the YinYang, we are different parts balancing and completing the circle.

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