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Peace Family,

We are Kirti and Shophar. We come together to share a beautiful offering. From our work together over the years, we have seen a pattern; most people are not practicing Living nor are having healing experiences whether it be by themselves or with partner/s. Whether it be relationally between family, friends and colleagues or romanticaly and intimately in long term partnership.


Western and Eastern Medicine will agree that with the release of tension comes the reduction of stress. With the reduction of stress comes health, vitality and immunity. Orgasm is defined as a physical release of tension.  With the work that we create and remember how to access together, we hope to expand the definition of orgasm in our Western minds beyond the physical response to physical and genital connection.

We explore  how to be and express ourselves honestly and fully in order to not only serve our highest selves but inspire those around us to do the same. We feel that the partnerships we attract in life are ultimately reflections of the many layered aspects of the relationship we have with ourselves.  And these relationships are divine mirrors leading us towards doing the work to function from and through our highest self.

Our Highest Self is the part of us that is completely tapped in to our purpose and passion on this planet. It has complete access to the part of humanity that knows and trusts that all that occurs in life is ultimately here to teach us something.  

As we expand our definition of orgasm towards navigating unique pathways to release tension, we notice that partnerships and individuals doing this work experience and excitedly report  an increase of physical genital orgasms as a side benefit.  In fact, we find more often than not, our clients will report that shifting the focus from physical exchange with their partner actually results in heightened physical exchange! This is the power of the energy work and we can guarantee positive outcomes when you fully step in as well. We often say, if you want different outcomes, you will have to do things differently. It truly is your choice and unless you are truly ready to shift, the shift will not occur.

Much of the work that we do will have you stretching -- and we will Not break you! W are actually here to support you through it all, in fact we are the biggest fan of supporting you and the people you love so that we can increase the love vibration on the planet. 


We request that you assess and ask yourself if you are TRULY ready to step into this transformation. We have learned to ask this question because we find that once we begin working together and shifting generational concepts of reality, Divine, aka the Higher Self will definitely deliver and manifest what you asked for -- oftentimes in packages you do not want or may not be ready to recognize/ recieve.  You will learn how to trust yourself and communicate all from that place.

When we learn to work together to experience what it looks like to serve others from a place of serving ourselves, our  bodily systems can go into shock. We will help you understand the deeper meanings of your experiences as well as guide your through the shifting energy patterns that will occur in most of your relationships.


Kirti and Shophar have a system that they have seen work repeatedly with individuals and couples that allows for deep processing, communication and love making in order to heal ourselves, loved ones and our communities so that WE are EACH individually LIVING a COLLECTIVELY Conscious Life!  While this work supports couples, expect that those involved in your life will experience shifts as well.

If you are in a partnership that is healing from lack of trust, fear of intimacy, porn influenced sexuality (porn brain) or lack of purpose and passion, we can safely promise breakthroughs in all of these areas of your relationship. In fact we advise you to reach out knowing that being able to identify these types of blocks already is a sign of those aspects ready to heal in you. As we do this, we can promise celebration, pleasure, passion, and a slow building capacity towards living and Orgasmic life!

EVOLVE LOVE is a collection of our flagship courses that we have compiled here for you! It is comprised of 8 Modules that will take you from Tantric Communication all the way to Tantric Lovemaking and Tantric Healing.  Life is meant to be ENJOYED with Ease and Grace.  Step in and Show Up for You.

Book Your Free Discovery Call .  We will take about 30 minutes - 1 hour to listen to what you are ready to transform. We want to hear your needs and desires; reach out to us and show up for Yourself and your Partnership. We are here to support YOU; are you ready to RECEIVE?

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