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EGO is expression growing on

Updated: Mar 21

the ego is blamed and shamed

victimized and villainized

for being the one that is willing to speak and express. the Ego from what i have learned and experienced is merely the speakerbox of the body. the decision to express and speak and share is largely egoic. any expression in this manner is egoic.

in fact, this post is egoic. everything that comes from this body in an effort to express and share what is inside with someone on the outside is egoic.

in fact we cannot escape it if we want to be social.

rather than judging the act of expression why not look at the quality and texture of that expression?

understand that whether it is coming from a wounded place or a wisest one. and move forward with that presence and awareness. bring the ego and all of your parts along for the journey of a lifetime... your life.

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