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Group TrancEnDance™ Movement Session

Create Movement Ritual for your Tribe

  • 2 hours
  • 555 US dollars

What we Create...

In many cultures as well as spiritual paths, Movement is a place of release, processing and integration. The more we move and create heat, the more our body releases, processes and integrates. When our physical matter is hot, it is moldable and we can shape it. We begin to access a part of our Selves that we have lost touch with when we play with rhythmic movement and breathing alongside drumming and singing. The more we connect with all parts of us-- the more we nurture the abilities to live connected lives overall. In this session, we will meet and go through a series of exercises that slowly open the body and allow healing to occur. We also have access to Bio-Field tuning forks, Osho Zen Tarot Readings, Tantric Energy Healing and Embodied Guided Meditation. If needed, we can book any of these sessions also. For the group sessions it is ideal to have a minimum of 4 people. Please note that with less people there are more services provided and with larger groups less services are provided. Are you interested in deepening your work in teaching/coaching/integrating this work or integrating it into your current practice? Book a Discovery Call and let's set up a package that includes multiple sessions for a reduced price per session. This will include 1:1 sessions, 24/7 support via the Voxer app, Recordings of Sessions, copies of slides, PDFs as well as access to recorded sessions.

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