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Homeschool Consulting & UnSchooling

Transformative Educational Practices, Project Based Learning, Arts Integration

  • 2 hours
  • 150 US dollars

What we Create...

We work together to co create a plan to support an individual student, a team, or an organization towards what ever mission/goal is at hand. How does collaborative support along with creativity enable all people to engage more effectively, develop and build mutual respect and finally honor the presence of each an every aspect of our lives? What is it about the creative process that aligns all content and creates ownership by any participant. Where can we create these spaces and how can we truly inspire learning and growing? Looking forward to booking a free consult for us to connect and direct our work together! Are you interested in deepening your work and teaching/coaching/integrating it into your current practice? Book a Discovery Call and let's set up a package that includes multiple sessions for a reduced price per session. This will include 1:1 sessions, 24/7 support via the Voxer app, Recordings of Sessions, copies of slides, PDFs as well as access to recorded Embodied Guided Meditations!

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