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MovementMedicine™ Coaching & Training

Create breakthroughs in life by recoding the body

  • 2 hours
  • 333 US dollars

What we Create...

Learn to love your self, your body, your mind and your spirit by embodying all emotions as they occur. By breaking things down, we can create something new. We will use Tantric Breath Work, Yoga Asana, Dance and other Healing Arts and Nature based modalities to practice self expression and transformation. Are you interested in deepening your work and teaching/coaching/integrating it into your current practice? Book a Discovery Call and let's set up a package that includes multiple sessions for a reduced price per session. This will include 1:1 sessions, 24/7 support via the Voxer app, Recordings of Sessions, copies of slides, PDFs as well as access to recorded Embodied Guided Meditations!

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