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Tree of L. I. F. E. QiGong and NeiGong™

Come INJoy Spiritual Movement in the Japanese Friendship Gardens in Balboa Park San Diego!

  • 1 hour
  • 20 US dollars

What we Create...

Tree of L. I. F. E. ™ QiGong is a creation of Shophar Graves, author of SOL Sacred Orgasmic Living. He has been my personal teacher, partner and collaborator in QiGong for years now and I have been able to feel the benefits of slow movment that is inspired by breath work and imagination. Definitely come to this class if you want to learn about this ancient practice and also experience universal ancient wisdom while Shophar laces each movment with wisdom from India and Kemet as well. It is definitely an experience to witness and be a part of! You must register at

Time to Show Up, Blow Up n Glow Up

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