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10 of Infinite Ways to Tap In to the Moon's Revolution

Updated: Apr 25

In Shakti work and the development of the divine feminine, the Moon and its cycles and phases are relevant because they symbolize the cyclical nature of life, creation, and Feminine Energy. The moon's phases reflect the waxing and waning of energy, mirroring the ebb and flow of emotions, creativity, and intuition within individuals. By aligning with the moon cycles, practitioners of Shakti work can tap into the power of the divine feminine, cultivate intuition, nurture creativity, and honor the natural rhythms of life and the universe.

Connecting with the moon helps us develop and heal any feelings of separation that we are feeling with ourselves and others. The following are 10 of infinite ways that you can begin connecting with your Feminine and the Full Moon to deepen your feelings and access your sensitivity and safety to be free.

1. Setting Intentions: Align your intentions with in the three days of the New Moon to plant seeds of growth and manifestation. Align yourself with that which needs deep rest in the three days of the Full Moon. Each Moon phase lasts about 3 days. I like to approach this with how I approach most things in life with 3. Feel into the two extremes of the situation and combine them to find where you land. Also, use the first day of the phase to tune in to what you are feeling. Day two of the phase, talk about it, write about it, commune if needed. Finally on day 3 complete your ritual.

2. Journaling: Reflect on your emotions and experiences during different moon phases to deepen self-awareness. I like to use the third day of the full moon phase to go back in my writings and see where there are patterns. This helps marinate on what wants to be completed for New Moon time.

3. Meditation: Use the full moon energy for introspection and release of emotional baggage. During Full Moons and Ecliplses, in in Shakti Work and Kali Kaula tradition that I was exposed to, we only meet with a small exclusive group of who are aligned in the practices that you follow. The charge is so large that it is important to be aware of what momentum you are serving on these nights. During eclipses we encourage families and partnerships to be together and take the time to feel into any ancestral aspects showing up.

4. Creativity: Channel the waxing moon's energy into creative projects or artistic endeavors. The Waxing Moon comes after the New Moon when we take three days to set our intentions. It is time to perculate and test the waters of creativity with all that you want to bring forth in the next cycle. Through creativity, you unlock any blocks that may have you approaching an issue or concern in the same way over and over. Creating for creativity's sake is HUGE here! You are creating to maintain your juiciness and the foreplay with your own purpose.

5. Self-Care: Practice self-care rituals during the waning moon to nurture yourself and recharge. As the Moon begins to receive less light after the Full Moon. This is the time to lean in to deep REST.

R: Remember that which feels forsaken.
E: Empathize with your own Inner Selves.
S: Soothe and provide Safety & Security for these parts.
T: Take Time To create art expressing the process you are feeling.

You can do this in so many ways, by taking a bath or by laying in your bed and simply practice doing nothing but breathe and allow yourself to feel what you do with these prompts.

6. Connection with Nature: Spend time outdoors under the moonlight to connect with the natural world. Being in any type of natural setting is ideal for Moon work. During Full Moon, if you want to be outside then try to get to places where the city lights are less and the night sky is light up by the moon and stars. Full Moon hikes are a great way to be internal in a group and practice Mindfulness walking and sounding with nature. The Moon represents the Grandmother and the Earth is the Mother. The Moon also revolves around the Earth as they both revolve around the Sun (Grandfather). This bond between Mother and Child (earth and humanity represent daughter and son) is a powerful one! Both are linked directly to nature. These parts are in us too!

7. Dance or Movement: Engage in expressive movement or dance under the full moon to embrace your femininity. Many of you already know this is how I live and breathe through life! Dance and Movement are both phenomenal ways to embody that which you are ready to uplevel and heal as well as embody that new reality you would like to experience for youself. Remeber that if you choose to do this with others, be aware of the momentum you are creating and ensure that you want to be imprinted by those you are spending time with.

8. Moon Bathing: Take moon baths during the full moon to absorb its energy and promote spiritual growth. Moon bathing and Sun bathing are powerful ways to let the ancestors bless you with wisdom that cannot be written or told and can only be transmitted.

9. Tarot or Oracle Readings: Use moon phases to enhance divination practices for guidance and insight. During the Full Moon time and the Waning Moon time, it is a great time to use any divination tools and practice your own intuitive practices. During New Moon and Waxing Moon, it is a more lunar and energetic time to collaborate with others. Of course if you need any help and guidance and find yourself in a downward spiral give yourself what you need... I am suggesting that we also bring awareness to the fact that this is a part of the Moon's work so work with it and find people to talk to as you navigate before you quickly go to get another's advice.

10. Circle Gatherings: Join or create moon circles with other individuals to share experiences, support each other, and deepen your connection to the divine feminine. Full Moon circles are a powerful tool to gather those who are also moved by the moon deeply and can feel the sensitivity to find a safe haven to feel and be able to discuss their feelings with one another. It is also a great time to connect with small potent groups of people during Full Moon and larger groups of community during New Moon. This way we are always practicing the dance with doing internal and external work to feel balanced moment to moment.

Come check out what we do online for Full Moon. DilSe Member attend for free and Guests are asked to invest $22. We do ritual and reflection together as well as practice Movement, Sound and Mantras. There are plenty of dates to choose from! We typically meet the day before or after the Full Moon.

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